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minocycline/metrogel/gentamicin and tretinoin

Hey folks-

I've been a lurker on this website for almost a year but never posted anything so this is my first post ever!! *bows* haha

These message boards has certainly given me a feeling of relief, knowing that there is some hope yet to eradicate the nasty affliction, acne.

Anyway- to my reigmen: I'm taking 200 mg minocycline everyday, metrogel in the am and gentamicin/tretinoin in the evenings the past week. I'm seeing my dermo in 6 weeks to follow up the progress.

My acne is severe cystic acne, mostly concentrated on the chin and jawline. I'm a female and I thought it was hormonal but apparently my doc doesn't think so. I've had this condition for almost 3 years- managed to have it controlled until this past few months and decided to see a dermatologist for the first time. I was so shocked when the dr didn't really examine my skin closely or to feel the cysts underneath the skin. He just took a glance and prescribed me minocycline and the topicals. Least to say, I'm apprehensive that this approach will tackle my acne.

I really want to go on accutane- will bring that up on jan 13th when I go in for a follow up.

The condition my skin is in right now- the cysts are still there and painful as ever. I will update you guys in a few days and give a detailed prognosis every time.

Aside from seeing the dermatologist- I tred every OTC products, proactiv, clear advantage, zenmed, homeopathy pills, herbal pills, vitamins, supplements, what have you so I'm gunning for this kind of treatment!!! smile.gif its so sad how a condition of acne can truly damage your self-esteem.

Alrighty- quite a long post so ill stop here and hope ill make friends on this board during my journey in combatting acne.



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its me again-

i think it's day 11 now - my acne is still persistent, not dissolving as much as i thought it would be by now. i forgot to add in my post earlier, the dr had given me a cortisol shot in the butt to reduce the inflammation. i was like, in the butt?!? i've never heard of that before!! i've known about shooting them directly onto the cysts but on the butt, near the hip area? i was at loss for words when that happened. but it did help.

i have no flakiness which i'm surprised because i tend to react easily to topicals and with the regimen i'm on right now, my skin isn't too sensitive. i hope it'll stay this way. i hated it when my face would flake on proactiv and clear advantage or any other BP products.

i've got a new cyst coming up on the bottom jawline. *rrrrrrrrr*

am counting down the days 'til i see my dr again and beg him to put me on accutane.

i think i'd better shut my trap once again.

later guys and girls-


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hello everybody-

the cyst on my chin has gone down- its not so bad as it would get before without the antibotics and topicals. hmm

have 2 pimples on top of my forehead, on the hairline. i forgot to add before- i used to have folliticus and when i started taking minocycline, they all disappeared immediately. i would get several hard pimples on my scalp but there's none now. i didn't notice that until now.

some flakiness/peeling around the chin area, where most of the cysts are located. (my thinking is that if new skin develops in these area then the cysts will go away faster)

not bad so far- slow progress though.



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i don't get it- more pimples are popping up now and i have a cyst developing on my cheek other than the one already on my chin. there's 3 small pimples around my mouth- the left side. i feel like i'm breaking out again. does retin A cause an inital breakout? then that's probably the case here. dammit.

i'm desperately wanting to be on accutane- but i have to wait until jan 13 before my dermo appt comes along. grrrrr- evil.gif

i'm going to australia for 2 weeks during the winter break so hope that will alleviate the breakouts to a minimum- i've been stressed out lately with the final exams and term papers, all the rigors of being a college student. so maybe that's the cause of the pimples popping up now. i haven't been eating properly lately either- i miss some meals sometimes when i'm so stressed out. i also have some paperwork to finish up for my job as head resident assistant , it sucks when your residents won't give up causing trouble for your staff and your staff write 'em up then i'm stuck with the reports which means i have to follow up with them and reprimand or fine them. mad.gif

i realize this isn't a friendly post cuz i'm pissed with the breakout i'm having right now on top of everything else. at least i'll be done with work and school this saturday. i'll be flying home then back to dc on the 23rd and flying out to australia on the 24th. i'll spend xmas on flight en route to melbourne!!! i've never done that before. hmmm, definitely will be an experience to remember! eusa_whistle.gif

i'm gonna go now and hopefully the minocycline and topicals will kick in SOON!!! it has been 13 days now!!! cry.gif



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heyyyy everybody!!!!

welllllllll- i've broken out in several places, above my upper lip and on my lower cheek on the right side. i feel like giving up with the treatment but i know that won't help me at all in the long run. i'm thinking that i'm wasting my time as i probably will have better luck with accutane or spiro in comibination with BCP. but of course, you have to fail first before succeeding. smile.gif that's my wisdom for the day.

i'm done with school for a month. AM SO SUPER HAPPY about it- i'm flying out home from DCA tomorrow and i can't wait to see my min pin, jana. she's soo adorable and always snuggles with me. i hate living in a dormitory where you cannot have any pets around. mad.gif pets are wonderful for your health, why refrain from having pets?! biggrin.gif

anyway, i'm going to go now- its really late and i have to get up at 9am tomorrow and work before everybody checks out of the dorm then close the dorm for the winter break.

i'm trying to stay positive about my treatment- its like a catch 22, it'll make you break out, look better shortly then make you break out again eventually. ergo, i think i've figured out dermatologists' mission in life- to break you down and make you suspectible to their methods of treatments even if they are not successful in the long run. i'll shut up now lol.gif

toodles for now,


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brandon- thanks :-)

everybody---- i'm BACK from AUSTRALIA! i've been there since dec 26 'til jan 17th- so that's why i haven't been around on this message board for so long. i completely forgot about it for a while until now, surfing on my beloved ibook and i remembered all about acne.org. (oops) i think it's because i felt sooo conscious here in america while in australia, i felt so beautiful. people didn't look at my acne at all whereas everybody stares at it here. weird-- my confidence has increased thanks to aussie people. :-) beauty at face value has to stop in america asap. it doesn't do any good for you as a person at all.

my acne has receded a bit- i'm not even cautious about my treatment at all. i forget to put on the metrogel in the mornings and i'm not as dutiful with the tretioin in the evenings as well.

i think it is the australian sun that has helped my acne reduce to a somewhat manageable condition. now that i'm back in america (it sucks big time to be back tho) i'm going to be very meticious with my treatment. i didn't see my dermatologist on the 13rd because i decided to delay my return to good 'ol USA to the 17th. i tried to call my dr today but nobody answered the phone. guess i'll try again tomorrow and set up something asap.

i still want to go on accutane. i do get zits once in a while and i'm not satsified with that. i'm also thinking about yasmin and spiro as many women on this site have had success with the treatment. hmmm

gotta go- have to hit the books. school has commenced. (dammit) :-)


zuriua wub.gif

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