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Just wanted to say thank you all so much for the very nice welcome! It's nice to be talking to such a great bunch of supportive people! I was just wondering if anyone wanted to tell me a little about themselves in this post, so i can get to know you all. biggrin.gif

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Guest Zitro

hihi, sez smile.gif Welcome aboard matey

Me? I'm Hernan Ortiz, 17yrs old ... an Argentinian living in Miami with an accent funnier than arnold's.

I love 70s rock and classical music, my favourite band is in my pic. I play theguitar/piano.

What's your name?

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Im Jason

All I ever do is snowboard and listen to music. It may sound lame, but hurting yourself day by day really keeps you on your guard!!

I go to school to, but im naturally a genius, so I don't take it to seriously. Oh yea and I really dislike bush. I even Joined a republican forum to cause havoc.

It's been suggested that I'm kinda crazy, and I'm starting to believe it.

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ok then, thanks very much to all of you who replied.

Well, my name's Sarah, I'm 17 in a couple of days and I live near Leeds in England. I love Razorlight at the moment and The Thrills, but am into all sorts of music really. I love football even thought I'm a Man Utd fan and we're losing quite a few games at the moment! The arsenal v chelsea today was fantastic though!

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well thats cool then. If anyone can guess my middle name you get to be "coolest person as of today" on my list.

lol, yes you can. This is the name I use in other forums and such, so I wanted to change it...and like I told Joel....

Stinkomank20X6 was soooooooooo last year.

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Elsa wins!!!!

You get to be on my "coolest person" list. The thing is, your already on it all the time anyway, soooooo.....in addition to that you get the "First person to guess" award, and along with that comes the sensation of vast and great accomplishments, that is, winning the hardest guessing game ever made.


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well I won't lie...that was a hard game, probably the hardest game ever made, and you won it!!! That requires smartness beyond what most of us mere mortals posess.

lol, you can most def call me Colby...soon I'll be cheese man!

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well your lucky we will share man cause some real aggresive women would not be down for sharing that spot colby! 

and anonymous one,, he gave us a clue,, what ya got for us??

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