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Hello! Please read my message i REALLY need help i suffer 2 years now!
2 years before i went to a doctor for my acne and gave me a retinol cream IN SUMMER in an extremely sunny  country! And i had really fair skin!
2 years now i try to not think about the damages happened to me from the sun!
I used the cream for 2 months the 1st month i was not going to the sun at all and even i did not saw any help to my acne i did not have any problem witht the cream. The 2nd month i started going to the sea and i was burned so MUCH i thought it was a common burn and will get better with time! And i continued to go to sea and using sun protection. And i was burning even more!
2 months destroyed my life!My  face was totally damaged red and i was not even feeling it like skin!
I WAS SO RED! My look was socking ! You canot even image how i was! with HUGE pores  that i never had! And wrinkles and fire red.
The problem is after 2 years i stopped the cream and still my skin has the sunburn! And still i am burning even in 8 am with sunscreen! Sunscreens don't even work for me any more! I cannot live a normal life my life i destroyed!
Please help me or suggest me of any natural way to fix the sunburn!!!!!! I really need help!
Maybe if i will take vitamin A supplements its gonna help me? 
I had used aloe vera and internaly and externaly it does not help! i had used oils still nothing!  I had take vitamins like E they don't help!    
Please tell me what can heal my skin for this sunburn!
Plus it is more that 100% sure the damage is from the cream cause i had never put anything else to my face it was the 1st time i went to doctor for my acne! And the burn it is exactly where i was putting the cream! For example i never used it in the skin above my lips and i was never burned  there and my whole face is destroyed except this area!
And i never had photosentitivity before.

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