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Niacin/Running Cured My Oily Skin

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Hi guys, this is my first time posting. I've lurked on here for a while due to dealing with super oily skin throughout puberty and early adulthood. I felt the urge to post about my success for the past 3 weeks with niacin, in relatively small doses and exercise. Basically I had read on a few forums that niacin helps oily skin, along with high cholesterol. I had pretty bad acne when I hit puberty and from then on my oily skin has lingered. It's not as bad as some of the people I have read about but it is still off putting and I've been searching for a cure. Anyway, I began supplementing niacin in doses of 100-200mg a day and at the same time started running 30 mins a day. Nothing too drastic just enough to get the heart rate up and have an achievable goal for each day. The benefits from the first week were pretty mild. I increased my dose of niacin to 200mg twice a day and aimed to flush as I read that that brings about some of the positive effects. Well by week two my skin had drastically decreased oil production. Another unfortunate by product of oily skin has been huge pores on my nose and cheeks which has also led to unsightly black heads. After starting this little regime my pores have shrunk noticeably and are beginning to unclog. I cannot believe how amazing of a solution this has been. Not only that but I feel the best I have felt in the past 2-3 years! The flushing takes a while to get used to but i have come to somewhat enjoy it. I currently only take 200mg twice daily and normally without food so my flush is fairly drastic. I know niacin has already been talked about on here and it is still early days for me but my skin is truly only improving. Even just touching my skin now, I haven't washed it since I have woken up and there isn't a hint of oil! 

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I also have oily skin and acne. I have been wanting to try niacin because I heard good things about it. Please keep us posted!

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