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Stubborn Breakouts & Acne Marks

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Hello there. I decided to join the community since I am so frustrated with my acne. The past few months I've been breaking out around my chin and jaw area as well as my cheeks. I've always struggled with acne on and off, but it has been especially bad lately. I've wondered if it is hormonal-related or diet-related which is likely, but I have been trying many topical things that haven't been doing much. Also my acne leaves behind red marks that don't seem to go away. Right now in my skincare collection I have a gentle natural gel cleanser as well as yes to tomatoes charcoal cleanser which a lady at shoppers suggested to me. Then I have tea tree oil and aloe vera gel, as well as benzoyl peroxide cream and I just found some salicylic acid gel and witch hazel buried in my cupboard from months ago. I know that's a lot..but I'm wondering if any of these are worth using? I've been trying some of them on and off and haven't seen much success. I am hoping to cut back on sugar, dairy, wheat etc and I've been drinking green tea as well. But as for topical treatments-I could use all the advice I can get. I'd say I'm pretty impatient at this point since I've tried so many things, so I want to know what is worth sticking with. I should also add the make-up I've been using is the nude by nature pressed foundation. Same lady at shoppers suggested it to be for acne-prone skin.
Also any suggestions for vitamins/supplements as well? I started taking probiotics. I'm so desperate haha. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on clearing up this chin & jaw/cheek acne and fading these red marks!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU MUCHLY :D


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