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So I just finished my second course of Accutane 2 months ago in April 2018 and I'm already starting to breakout again.  On my first course the same thing happened; I broke out ~2 months post treatment. 

Is it viable to go on a third course or should I just look into other options?  On both courses of Accutane I was on I reached well above the cumulative dosage for my BW with 180mg/kg for the first course (i was on it for 9 months) and 150mg/kg for the second course (7 months).

Another question i have is; even if one reaches the recommended cumulative dosage for Accutane, is it normal to still get acne even after 2 courses?  I just feel that getting only 2 months of remission after 2 courses is pretty damn depressing.

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if you cleared up completely while on Accutane, why don't you look into taking a maintenance dose of Accutane? Where you take 5mgs-40mgs a WEEK and do that indefinitely. This is being prescribed that way and it will keep you clear if Accutane clears you up while taking the standard daily dosages. I think a lot of folks do this and keep their skin clear, you just have to be cautious of long term side effects. My own derm told me that she has 5 people who she prescribes long term Accutane since their acne came back after their full course.

Just a suggestion or something you can do research on to see if it is good for you.

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