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dryness after cleansing - do I still wait?

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I hope nobody's asked this a thousand times, but I couldn't find it, so...

After cleansing (I use a basis soap bar) the regimen instructs to wait 5 to 15 minutes, I assume to let the skin dry before using the BP or neutregena stuff.

However, my skin dries out really fast, to the point where I can see it peeling a tiny bit and it feels really tight after only a minute or two.

Do I still wait before applying the benzoyl?


p.s. I should probably say that I have only been doing this for about 2 days.

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i only wait about 3-5 minutes, bc my face does the same thing, dries up right after i put on the bp. just try not to move your face (or it will hurt). then put on your moisturizer and say ahhh. i think waiting for it to dry first is definitly important.

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If your skin is dry after 2-3 minutes after cleansing, there is no reason why not to apply your BP. You say that you are 2 days into the regime - I think that the dryness you are experiencing is due to the initial reaction from using BP on your skin. What type of BP cream/gel are you using? What strength is it? Some people find certain brands of BP creams/gels more drying and harsh on their skin then others. Also, how much BP are you using? Since you've just starting using BP, it is best to start off by applying a small amount and then ramping this amount up over time.

Asumming that the dryness you are experiencing is due to the initial reaction to using BP, you should find that over time, say a week or two, your skin dryness will improve as your skin adapts and becomes more use to the BP. Also, it is very important, and cannot be overstated, to moisturise after applying the BP. If, after a week or two, your skin is still overly dry, try changing the brand/type of BP cream/gel you are using. Alternatively, try changing the type of cleanser you use, as this may be causing your skin to dry out more than the BP.

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OO..... I definitely agree to choose the lower of the suggested waiting range at this point. Personally, I miss that dryness. I have to wait and wait and wait (okay, maybe just 10 minutes biggrin.gif ) until my face is properly dry, so I can move on to the next step and have proper absorption of my BP. When your face normalizes itself and gets used to the BP, it'll be more difficult for it to absorb stuff.

Yes, please moisturize afterwards (also wait 5 - 15 minutes). If there's too much pain associated with the use of BP, this will certainly be instrumental in reducing it more quickly. Good luck!

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hey, sorry i was reading your question wrong.

i actually don't wait at all after i dry my face before i put on my bp gel. i just put it right on, my skin is probably still a little moist. doesn't matter one bit, it works fine for me. then i wait about 2-3 mins and put on my moisturizer. i am totally clear from it and that is what i do. eh?

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