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Over 10 years and finally clear!

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I wanted to write this short post to let people know how I've finally stopped my breakouts after 10 years! I CAN EAT ALL KINDS OF FOOD AGAIN WITHOUT BREAKING OUT! 

I took antibiotics in my teens and they gave me woeful side effects, IBS-C which I thankfully sorted out a few years ago, but I had so many food intolerances up until recently. My skin always used to itch if i ate any dairy, sugar, food with shite ingredients, now I can eat pizza, chocolate, whatever with no bad effects.

I used to break out due to weight lifting, even a few pushups or bicep curls would break me out. I found that was due to high cortisol levels, and took herbs under a naturopaths guidance for that, so I have been working out for a couple of years now. 

So what helped me sort the rest of my issues out? Liver flushes. Theres plenty about this online, so do your research before deciding if you should try one. DO NOT FORGET to consume malic acid in the weeks prior in some form (supplement, apples, apple juice, apple cider vinegar), and you also might have to do some colon cleansing first if you have sluggish bowels. I've completed maybe 5 or 6 flushes over the last year or 2, my latest being last weekend. I also consumed plenty of bone broths and probiotic foods and supplements for my dodgey gut. 

All I have left now is hypigmentation and a decent amount of scarring, but Ive had one glycolic peel done recently thats helped alot and I plan on doing more!

Please no arguments over the liver flushing being bogus or any of that shit, I first read about them years ago and kept putting them off, but I had a feeling all along that they could be key for me. Let others do their research and decide for themselves, and the flushes themselves are incredibly cheap to perform. 

So in my case it was my liver causing my skin issues, I went through the entirety of secondary school and college battling this disease. Some days I was so depressed I couldnt leave the house due to breakouts, which happened often. I know it seems impossible to see sometimes but your skin is only one part of you. Your personality, actions and consideration for others goes a lot more to determining your person than your skin.
I also have been reading up about the law of attraction recently, how being positive and grateful helps attract positive people and situations into your life. Having an upbeat mindset at all times is vital to beating any health condition, not just acne. 

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try my best to answer. Lots of love to you all.

ps, cost effective shallow scarring suggestions are welcome!

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