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Shampoo & Conditioner for Accutane Users?

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Hey everyone this is my first time on the message boards, just started my accutane treatment about ten days ago! So far things are okay, with the normal side effects of dry skin and lips.

My biggest question for all of you accutane users was which shampoo and conditioner do you recommend for a dry, flaky, itchy scalp? That's the worst of my side effects because I always end up scratching my head too often now...and it looks like its snowing around me all the time mad.gif

Oh and do people find Cetaphil lotion to be better or the cream?

THanks everyone!

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it makes your sculp dry? Wow...so you don't have tp wash your hair as often because it doesn't look greas at the roots? Nice. I wich I could do that...I have to wash it every day...and if I wash it in the evening, it'll be greasy by the morning...

heh sorry, just had to say it.

I guess you could ask your derm what to use, like shampoo for very dry hair aka scalp

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I also had a dry, flaky scalp but only for the first ten days or so. I have seen Nizoral recommended frequently. I just used Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo as it was the only thing I had around. berry

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My scalp was so itchy for the first couple weeks, but it's also gone away now! I've seen Nizoral recommended a lot, as well as Head & Shoulders.

I opted to revert back to my "tried and true" hair routine, even though it recieves quite the slam from the salon professionals - Pantene. I use the Daily Moisture Renewal and it's the only thing that makes my super flat-iron damaged hair look normal again. But around the time I switched back to Pantene, my scalp normalized as well... no more itchiness. No idea if it was the product or just coincidence of timing!

Good luck in finding something!


ps. - Oh, I also like the cream MUCH better than the lotion when it comes to Cetaphil.. I find the lotion looks really greasy on my skin and doesn't absorb as well. Just my opinion!

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