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Got quoted for Bellafill by Dr. Solomon

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Edit Link: Solomon Facial Plastic

Quoted me about 5 syringes for bellafilling scars around whole face .. about $4k plus tax lol

I have a mix of scar types..the main one that bothers me is a deep rolling scar.. so i think i may just get the one syringe for that, which is about 1000 bucks.

anyways.. just want to hear what thoughts are on this.. pic of scar is below.


Another question I have is will weight loss affect how the treatment looks? Ive lost about 40 lbs and hoping to lose another 30 by december. 

Just want to make sure if i get skinny, the scar filler wont make my face look plump in that area.

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1 syringe of Bellafill will do nothing. That is very little filler less than a quarter's worth. 

I would never start with a permanent filler. Permanent filler is permanent problems. If any issue or you don't like it they must cut it out of your face. We always suggest starting with something natural like HA filler (found in the body). It's reversible. Less likely to migrate fiberglass beads, cause biofilms, or to cause other issues.

Permanent is great once you do subcision for your rolling scars with HA 4 times you can do bellafill. But you must like the results and do well with filling. It's reversible again if any issue. Your body replaces the HA filler a bit with repeated treatment you need less and less. If money is a issue, do filler once a year for 3-4 years with subcision or just do HA filler at the end of 4 subcisions.

For your scar type I would get 4 rf microneedling sessions in between subcision top ups. This will hep with collagen production. I would end last with a textural treatment like erbium resurfacing for texture once you even out the fat/collagen loss.

Overweight people show scars less. This is a fact. Facial fat hides imperfections. Those who are skinny often show scars. Look at these gym dudes their face is gaunt and can show issues.

This all can be affordable if you think long term and treat once a year (save up) or use care credit / Health savings account.

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I've gone to Dr. Solomon for subcision/temp filler and while the results turned out okay, i wouldn't go back to him again. I felt like he kept pushing treatments/Bellafill even tho i kept saying i didn't want it. His bedside manners didn't impress me and i felt like he was more after my money. It's your choice to go to him or not, I know there are limited doctors that do sub in Toronto, however just wanted to share my experiences with you. 

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I would never do permanent filler right out of the gate.  If you get donuting around a scar, it is permanent, and you'll have to repeatedly inject it with kenalog.  

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@mangos21 I've only done 1 subcision with him, also had consult with Barankin but he doesnt seem to want to do subcision. It's hard to find a doctor to do it in Toronto :/ 

@One_day123 It was around $800 CAD for subcision alone, and then another $600 for the temp fillers... Edited by ihateacnesomuch123
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Just some advice.... test patch will Bellafill before the volumes mentioned. Dr Steve Weiner, FL, is the top trainer / injector for this in the USA. "If" you do well will Bellafill, good on you if you have a reaction ....then God be on your side (or a really good dermatologist who will flush saline -HA for months). Side effects can happen years latter. Please, stay safe . Spot test is not a guarantee but one step closer to safety.

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