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Pro or Anti Accutane?

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Hey y’all,
I’m new to acne.org. I decided to finally join the community after literally googling about acne every single day during any free time I have. Boy let me tell you, I’ve been through it. I started getting small forehead bumps around age 13 (nothing too noticeable.) Gradually, my skin became worse and by age 16 IT WAS DISGUSTING. I’m talking pimples stacked on pimples, pus oozing out my face. I could feel people staring at my acne infested cheeks. I kept thinking it would go away and three years later, at age 19 it still takes a toll on my self esteem. And please don’t ask if I’ve tried other medications because I HAVE. Seen over three dermatologist that prescriptive a hand full of crap that is all bullshit not my opinion. I admit- my acne has calmed down since high school but still I avoid any type of interaction with people because of it. No selfies for me and I em need to consider the lighting in certain social places before going.ikr, sheeshhhh. I have developed a social anxiety and that is a struggle especially when dorimg in college, where you are constantly surrounded by people and can’t hide your face. GUYS I FEEL SO UGLY ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, I am considering taking Accutane in the fall( I would take it now but it is June and i heard your skin will fry and I’m also trying to be drunk all summer). A part of me is very excited but another part is fearing the worst... my fear is so great that i might not follow through with it. Also, for my ladies i really do not want to experience getting dry down there! I appreciate any words of advice you guys have for what’s in store if I choose to actually take it. 

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