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Skin is very dry and flaky

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So i’ve been on the regimen for 7 weeks and seeing some mild improvements but it makes my skin super sensitive, but most importantly really flaky (ESPECIALLY around my mouth). I figured it would stop being so dry after a few weeks of getting used to the BP but it has not stopped.  It is to the point where I cannot even eat or smile or even move my mouth otherwise flakes will go everywhere. I’ve been thinking that it might just be the moisturizeris not compatible with my skin.  Believe me I use a lot of moisturizer, add in jojoba, and have started on the AHA as of recently.  None of this seems to help, and the worst part is that my skin is also super oily/greasy looking when I use the moisturizer.  So it’s not just like I can pile on extra pumps of moisturizer because it is already greas as it is with 1-2 pumps plus jojoba... As weird as it sounds my skin has been both dry/flaky AND oily at the same time for the past 7 weeks!! It absolutely sucks and I don’t know what to do... I’ve tried the jojoba oil trick before washing my face, tried reducing the BP slightly (although don’t think I should as I am not cleared up yet) and tried using plently of moisturizer. 

I’ve been thinking I should start to use a drugstore moisturizer that hopefully gets rid of the flakes without looking super greasy, but I am afraid to try stuff because it might cause more acne.  I’m really in a pickle here because I honestly hate going outside of my house because my skin is super greasy and I can’t even talk or smile or eat without having to worry about flakes everywhere.

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I've read that a lot of people suffer from these same side effects. I think the biggest challenge in the regimen is to find a suitable moisturizer, since everyones skin is different and "reacts" differently.

I've come to the point where I have found 2 good moisturizer (for me) that works okay. My face still gets a bit reddish especially around my eyes after applying moisturizer and it feels like it is something I have to live with...

My advice is to find a moisturizer that works okay/good for you. Check on the product reviews, you could find the right on there for you. :D


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your skin is dehydrated. this happened to me and it got to the point where i had to take a break from acne.org just to get my skin balanced again.

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Cut back on amount of benzoyl you're using. I followed the acne.org steps which was WAY too much benzoyl for me.  You only need a tiny, tiny bit.  And use a non-comodogenic moisturizer.  Rodan and Fields Soothe moisturizer is the best for me.  I also found CeraVe worked well.

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The method I used is whenever you're in the shower, wash your hands and gently rub away the dead skin on your face in circular motion. Because you're in the shower, it'll be easier than doing it in the sink because the shower constantly washes the dead skin as you rub them off. Your skin will feel much smoother but very dry. So, cut back to the amount of BP you're using. Since your face is not flaky after this method, little amount of BP will absorb into your face. I know when your skin is flaky, BP doesn't absorb very well. And MOISTURIZE HEAVY! Because you're exfoliating, you'll need to replenish your skin with a good moisturizer with jojoba oil. 

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