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Hello all!

It's been a good 3 years since I've been on this site. The last time I was here was to share my Accutane experience with you all (refer to last posts, if interested). Just my luck, I am beginning to experience mild cystic acne, AGAIN :smileys_n_people_51: 
It started back a few months ago and I hoped they would clear up on their own but it is starting to really flare up so I decided to visit my derm.
Before Accutane, I was put on 3 different antibiotics at 3 different times before they stopped working and had to be put on Accutane. Since it's been a few years since I've had traces of Accutane in my system, the PA believed my current acne would react well to the following prescribed antibiotics and topical treatments. After 2 months, she will re-evaluate my skin and determine whether a 2nd round of Accutane would be necessary.
Now before I get into it, there has been no other changes within my body as far as period, hormones, environment. The only thing that has changed was my transition to vegetarianism last August 2017.

The PA prescribed Veltin topical gel for nighttime and Oneston topical gel for daytime. I was also prescribed Okebo as an oral antibiotic to be taken once a day, every day for 2 months. I did some research on the medication on my own but can not find any real-life experiences for its acne use. I have found that it tackles viral bacteria (I thought acne was not a bacteria) and prevents Malaria disease. :smileys_n_people_38: I am now skeptical to ingest this medicine for 2 months, but if anyone has any experience or has heard anything on Okebo, please, share with me.

Thank you!

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