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Accutane 10mg journey for the second time, thoughts?? (22/F)

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Hey guys so after my skin took a toll for its worse at aged 20 since I got a horrendous UTI > staph infection > follucilits and trying so many antibiotics, peels, topicals, my doctor put me on a low dose of 10mg accutane again for a month to start ( he did mention I might want to take the 6 months course) 

Note : At 15, I took the same dose for about two weeks as he said it was a mild case. This cleared me up nicely and I didnt get any IB/much side effects.

However right now at 22, a week into the medication I went through and am still now going through a horrendous IB ( it's day 14 now). I'm breaking out in pustules (never had them until now) on some places I've never broken out before (my cheeks, forehead...cheeks being most prominent and scary lol) with small bumps here and there on my jawline...chin is clear though. And its tiresome to have achy bones/ minor headaches...maybe this happened now because I've been drinking less water + stress due to my busy schedule now while on accutane? :( At the moment I'm also taking EPO, probiotics. I plan to take lysine soon too. I've sliced out alot of sugar in my diet and eating a balanced meal more healthier stuff now. 

I've recently done a thyroid test as well but since the levels are only slightly elevated I was asked to redo it again in a month time to confirm anything.I'm pretty sure I have a hormonal imbalance just like my mom (she was put on spiro for 3 months which cleared her face) but my doctor suggested accutane instead for me. For now, my facial routine is to wash twice a day with a cleanser, use aloe vera gel + sunscreen in the day and mosturizer + clindoxyl spot treatment at night. All the products used prescribed by my doctor. The clindoxyl seems to work on drying the spots and aloe is really soothing.

I was wondering if I could ask my doctor to increase my dosage to make it more effective? I'm a little afraid that the current dose doesnt work? Should I ask for spiro/take it together with my accutane? Any advice or opinions would be greatly appreciated! I feel horrible having to go to university/work with a mask because everyone around me usually has clear skin....I'll try to update with pics when I feel more confident


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