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Chronic Bacterial Folliculitis

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I have had bacterial folliculitis, primarily on my back, for an entire year now. I first developed bumps (in May of 2017) on my back that would become visible after showering but would disappear by the next morning. After a few months of this I went to the dermatologist and saw the NP. She said it was folliculitis and that we could try an antibiotic. She said she wasn't sure if this would work and said that if a round of antibiotics didn't clear it up then we could do a biopsy. I asked if we could go ahead and do the biopsy since I had the issue for so long already. I couldn't go outside all summer long because the heat and sweat would make the bumps worse.

The biopsy came back as bacterial folliculitis. I took one round of doxycycline (30 days). The bumps cleared up close to the end of the round. A week and a half or two after completing the round, the bumps came back. I went back to the dermatologist and she prescribed another round of antibiotics (still doxycycline). The bumps cleared, but again came back shortly after finishing the round. I went back to the dermatologist again and this time she prescribed clindamycin topical foam. She said (on my third or fourth visit) that she wanted me to take the doxycycline for one to two months after the bumps completely cleared.

I took additional doxycycline from January 2018 to April 2018. My skin was completely clear for over a month. I finished the last round and sure enough.... two weeks later the bumps were back. I went back to the dermatologist again. She didn't even take the time to look at my chart before coming in and asking what was wrong. She asked if I had used the foam and I told her I had. I asked if we should try a new medicine and she said "yeah, sure. I have some samples of something." She gave me a handful of samples (of Solodyn 55mg) and sent me on my way without explaining anything. The samples actually have an expiration date of May 2018!! I called the office to ask if I needed to exchange these and her nurse said that they were fine. I read that expired solodyn can be bad for your liver or kidneys or something..... hopefully they don't cause more of a problem.

I am so tired of fighting this skin infection!! Especially since I live in a warm climate... I can't expose my skin because it is so gross and the bumps are red and painful. I feel at such a loss since it keeps coming back over and over and over again despite months of dealing with stupid side effects from antibiotics. 

Any advice??? 

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