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I've seen lots of threads on people facing this issues, as I did myself. Are you feeling this way? Do you believe a single, or multiple products will gain back your confidence? What are things that you do to prevent from being stressed, upset, ANGRY, due to the way acne has effected you? 

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I watched a lot of youtube videos and got laid.  Just kidding, but not really.  I had really low self esteem due to my acne and I have tons of scars to prove it.  I still think my self esteem isn't where it needs to be, but further analysis as I've gotten older would show that it may be underlying issues with myself in general and even if I was totally clear it wouldn't change.

I think people want to believe their acne is really affecting them, which it does to some extent, but as someone has told me before, "no amount of skin care products will be able to fix what is inside".  Of course, we want to do what we can, but for my original statement, I figured no girl liked me because I was ugly with backne and facial scarring and whiteheads, thinking "why would a girl like me?"   Then I realized that once I fixed my confidence, the acne didn't matter anymore and I've had a relatively successful dating life since the age of 17.

Sometimes I think acne can "blanket" other undlying self esteem issues and make having pimples the focus of the issue.  Acne is a medical issue, there is no denying that, and a medical issue should be dealt with, but I honestly can't think of a time where when someone made fun of my acne or made an ignorant comment it was due to them legitimately trying to bully me.  My perception as to what I believe is beautiful is carved by the society I grew up in, and the older I get, the more I realize we're all going to die anyways and as long as I do what I can to fight my acne then I should be happy every day moving forward.  There are people who can't even get out of bed because of debilitating disease, and many of us stress endlessly about acne as if we have a terminal illness.

It's kind of funny, I wanted to join the military at one point, but I didn't think I would be allowed to bring BP to afghanistan or wherever so I said screw it.  Probably wouldn't have joined anyways, but to consider it like BP was "part" of me is ridiculous to even think about coming out of war with more acne scars compared to getting shot and killed to begin with. 

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