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My nose is always Greasy

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I have a really bad oily nose that overpruduces sebum oil.
I know it doesn't sound that bad but to me it truely is ruining my life in regards to me having no confidence when talking to people because my nose is glowing and looks greasy.

It really is affecting how I socialise as I refuse to go out with friends due to my nose almost dripping with oil and I know it is down to my T-zone but only my nose is affected other parts of my face are fine except for my nose which also gets red.

Now hear me out as this is a fact because I have had friends and family confirm that it is not just in my head but often people when they look at me their first reaction is to wipe their face the same way as if someone yawns it is contagious I can be having a conversation with anyone but because I am working hard building up a sweat say in the Gym or at Work I notice people will look at me and use their hand and even their arm y20180503_073122.thumb.jpg.5156e49cda81bebd8fcd3e08f3ea8252.jpges please read on and randomly wipe their face countless times I have been speaking to friends and when they do it when I ask them about it they have no idea what i’m talking about because like yawning it is an automatic response but this is ruining my life I turn down events and days out apart from work because I need to earn money because my nose is so bad and please don’t reply with I should not care what people do because confidence wise this has changed my entire life.
I have tried Creams, Gels, Facials and many Home Remedies but nothing has worked for me and yes I don’t eat greasy foods also I don’t eat Dairy as that has made me break out even more.
I have seen dermatologists who have stated that I have Seborrheic/Comodones over nose and was told to wash face twice a day using face washes containing salicylic acid and to use Isotrex/Isotretinoin gel at night.
I have also been told that because of my condition that there are limited treatment options but I won't give up.
In May 2017 I was told that I had Tuberculosis in my toe which I had Antibiotics to treat now one year later I have now finished the course and no longer have it and the reason I am telling you this is because before I started the treatment I never had issues with my nose getting oily and a lot of people have stated that perhaps this could have been a side effect to the course of treatment I was on also the Antibiotics which I was taking were Pyridoxine and Riffinah I have discussed this with the TB nurses but they said they cannot say for sure if it is related.
I really need help and any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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