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I am in real need of some help if anyone can offer some advice. I’m 15 years old and have had spots for nearly 6 years now. I have oily skin with large pores and some blackheads. I get red whiteheads often on my chin and forehead but they’re small and not cystic. They don’t really bother me and I get around 5-10. My main problem is my skin texture.y skin is so unbelievably bumpy, my whole face is covered in what seems like skin coloured under the skin bumps. When looking in the mirror I cannot see them but in pictures they are all over my face and really affect me. I have tried antibiotics, Proactiv, biotherm, simple and so many other brands and nothing works. My skin is very sensitive so I usually break out after trying new moisturisers and face cleansers so at the moment I’m not using moisturiser and have given up with cleanser. If anyone could please recommend very simple, basic cleansers, moisturisers for sensative and ache prone skin I would appreciate it so much. And if anyone can please please help with advice about the congestion and textured skin I would be over the moon. At this point I’m willing to try anything. Thank you, katie. 




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Hey, your skin looks very beautiful.
I would suggest to ease down on the make up, if you have oily make up, this might be the reason behind the whitehead formations on you skin.

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