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Need help deciding what procedure to go for regarding acne scaring!

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So, dear world wibe web. I have managed to get my adult acne under control (in what seemed like a never ending story). Up to 25 years old I had what I now would describe as perfect skin. Now, not so much. My forehead is definitely the worst, but it would probably rank as mild to moderate in these foras, I get that, so I hope that you get that I know it could be worse and for that I am forever grateful.

However, I am on a quest to reduce my scaring, keeping up the maintenance of my skin for the rest of my life, and hopefully live life as I should. I´m thinking surgical techniques such as submission on my forehead and perhaps cortisone injections. I´m a little vary of lasers, as there are some scary stories out there.

I would really appreciate some feedback. 


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I am not seeing pits, perhaps it's the picture, scars make shadows (so no subcision is necessary - where will they use cortisone... no large keloids) in the picture. you can do TCA peels for texture, or a fully ablative erbium resurfacing. 

The forehead looks like it has some clogged skin, hydro peels or aqua peels are cheap and good for this and they can infuse beneficial things into the skin. 

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I always say have a conversation with your dermatologist, do your research and ask all the questions you can think of. I bring in a pad with everything written down so I don't forget. 

If he/she suggests lasers, I would consider it. In understand your hesitancy, but I've heard good things about many of the newer lasers, you can get results in fewer sessions, they have cooling to protect the skin, and other advances. I'd do some thorough research on these devices before I wrote them off.

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Thanks for the replies people :) when it comes to my scars it is mostly rolling scars (all over my face). I probably don’t have keloid scars, but what looks like “acne” are actually elevated scars.

I’ve booked an appointment at Dr. Emil Henningsen in Denmark in 3 weeks. Feeling confident that this will clear up (I know, my humor is dry) some of the questions I got.


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