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After 6 weeks - I am quitting the regimen ! (Why not to do the regimen)

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*If you do not want to read all my piffling , just read this:
I am your average 17 year old male, with mild acne, bright white skin, would do anything for my acne. The regimen is definitely NOT for me !   wish someone had written that for me before I wasted my time like that.

I have started the regimen 6 weeks (minus 2 days;) ago, and i have decided to quit. If you have mild acne like me , I mean yeah pimples all over but no cystic and not severe i guess, and white sensitive skin, this regimen is just not for you if you ask for my opinion, and honestly, except for like the severe harsh acne cases which i cannot say anything about because i do not deal with it and know nothing about it, i believe Dan's regimen should not be done by anyone, due to these reasons:
1)Most importantly - it did not treat my acne, it did not even reduce the amount of spots, might have increased them really, and that misses the whole point does not it? yeah,I admit that the number of days in which I have used the Benzoyl Peroxide twice was limited, but my face could not simply take it.

2)The day I started applying the BP twice a day(at least trying) , was the day i got in to FLAKETOWN ,aka CITY OF REDNESS, aka " R U SUNBURNED?" REPUBLIC. I am not spoiled, and i would really do anything do get rid of my acne, but my face could not take. It wasnt for me. Pushing through it or whatever was not possible.

3)It just did not feel right, you know? putting all this harsh BP on my face again and again, killing it slowly.

Important to mention i did not use the official products.

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Hi MaleMuriel, 

Sounds like you are going through a rough time. Dryness and irritation is to be expected during the first few weeks into the Acne.org Regimen products but it eventually goes away. This is particularly noticeable when applying Moisturizer.

Use Acne.org Regimen products precisely as outlined and make sure that you are not using any other products along with The Regimen to get you perfectly clear.

The Acne.org Moisturizer is specifically designed by the experts at Acne.org to soothe and calm irritated problem skin. With continued use twice a day, your skin will be clear, radiant and healthy looking.

You may also use the Moisturizer as often as needed to prevent irritation or you may add 5-6 drops of the Jojoba oil to the Moisturizer to for additional moisture.

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