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Potatoes - Baked / Boiled - Good or Bad?

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It's very weird because for me potatoes can be incredibly bad for my skin, but other times I can eat them and be totally fine. It seems that whenever I get a baked potato from a restaurant or even make them myself I break out with large pimples somewhere on my face within a few hours. When I eat baked sweet potatoes I notice the same thing, maybe even worse, literally every time.

However, I've been eating peeled, boiled red potatoes every day for a few weeks, and my skin seems to be fine. Last night though I was at a steakhouse where my options we basically french fries or baked potato so I took the potato, and sure enough I had some new pimps that night. It seems that in order to stay clear I need to stay low glycemic, low fodmap, low iodine which is I think why the peeled and boiled red potatoes work for me.

What types of potatoes are ok for you guys and how do you cook them? 

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I wouldn't worry so much about staying away from higher glycemic foods, as the glycemic load of a food and of a meal can be very different than the index of it. You might be reacting to potatoes differently at different times due to reasons completely unrelated to the actual potato you're eating. 

It seems odd to me that you're reacting less to potatoes that have been peeled than to potatoes that haven't. One thing to note is that potatoes that have been baked and cooled will likely have the highest amount of resistant starch and thus could be effecting your gut flora, by way of feeding them. They could be feeding good and bad bacteria at the same time. Resistant starch acts like a prebiotic that feeds that feeds all of the bacteria in your gut. It could also be that you bake potatoes in vegetable oil (except for olive oil) that you are reacting negatively to. I would try baking your potatoes in lard, duck fat, coconut oil or olive oil and see if there is any difference. Do you add any oils to your boiled potatoes? Restaurants would likely be using a vegetable oil like canola or sunflower oil which can trigger inflammation in our bodies. You're likely not adding oil to your boiled potatoes, but I could be wrong about that. 

If you still believe that your blood sugar has something to do with it, make sure there is a protein with your meal, enough fiber from another vegetable, some acid and enough fat. This blunts the effect that the potato will have on your blood sugar. You can also use portion control and keep the portion size of the potato down to a smaller amount.

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