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Is your self-esteem shot? Heres how you can change that

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I would have to say, dealing with acne as a teenager SUCKED! The feeling of people looking at you, making jokes, taunting you, really destroys your overall being. There was never a day I couldn’t look at my face feeling disgusted by it. There were others suffering WORSE then myself, and that’s how I eventually overcame living a reality of low self-esteem. 


Being an adult now there are things I ABSOLUTELY wish I took advantage of. However, I just dealt with it. Eventually this crap on my face would disappear, even when self doubt got the best of me. Like me, EVERYONE here has mentioned “I’ve tried everything, nothing works.” When I reflect on this, I never really became educated, never went to the dermatologist when my father suggested it. Today, I get pimples here and there, but I know if I just leave it be it WILL go away. 


So, maybe your feeling discouraged, ugly, and focus WAYYYY too much on what people think of you. I’m certainly guilty of it, and I’ll say as you get older it kind of subsides. What can you do though if you’re feeling awful? 


Here’s my advice:


-Always know there are people in WAY WORSE situations then you. This applies to anything, even when you THINK you have it bad, try putting yourself in someone else's shoes. 


-Read books that will TRANSFORM YOUR THINKING/INSPIRE YOU!!! You’re low self-esteem is just BS you constantly wrap your mind around, it’s not REAL! 


-Surround yourself with like minded people. Friends, family, maybe reach out to people who understand what you’re going through. 


-You only LIVE ONCE! Don’t let whatever feelings/emotions stop you from ANYTHING! Affirm something positive every day you wake up. 


-BE KIND TO OTHERS! Yes, some people suck…but don’t let their negative thinking put you down! When you extend kindness or even smile at someone, it makes a difference. 


-Remember, your thoughts become things! Don’t be negative and remember you’re not the only one who has it hard. 


Hope this helps someone! 



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