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Hi, I'm a 15 year old boy who has suffered from acne for almost 2 years now. I would consider my acne mild to moderate because I still have some pustules and papules but a lot of them have faded away. Most of my visible acne is on my cheeks and a bit on my jawline. I do not have any acne on my t-zone or forehead (very very mild) but I do on my cheeks. Most of the acne I have on my cheeks has gone away but it has left this red annoying, smooth marks that never seem to disappear. Do you know what I can apply to treat these marks and get rid of them. I also wanted to mention that I am pretty athletic, I play sports for at least 6 times a week for more than an hour and I eat relatively well. Consuming vegetables, good meats and I have cut out gluten and sugar from my diet for a couple months now which probably lead to the clearing of acne on my cheeks (sometimes I may consume some form of sugar but in generally, it is mostly removed from my diet). If anyone can help, thank you! 

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Congratulations on following such a healthy diet and staying active. Those are critically important. Have you ever tried AHA Glycolic Acid Lotion? I would recommend going and getting a quality facial AHA Lotion. This type of lotion helps to rejuvenate the skin by thoroughly moisturizing as well as exfoliating from the inside-out. This exfoliation enhances cell turn-over rate which speeds up hyperpigmentation clearing and will clear those red marks. It also prevents acne. It will keep your skin looking young. I would begin washing your face twice daily with the most gentle facial cleanser you can buy and then following that up with a moisturizer in the morning and an AHA lotion at night. Or you can simply mix 50/50 of normal moisturizer with AHA lotion. I would recommend first-hand that you try Daniel Kern's Cleanser, Moisturiser, and AHA Lotion. Both are very gentle and made for acne-prone skin. They are incredible products and you also get a significant amount with each bottle. I truly hope that this helps...

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