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My face was clear 3 days ago and now this

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I’m 18. Over the years I’ve struggled with an occasional pimple here and there along with a constant battle with blackheads and whiteheads. However, I generally felt confident about my skin. 

Here’s a picture of what my skin looked like on Wednesday this week. (Bad photo but it’s the most recent without any makeup)


Obviously not perfect, but nothing too bad. I felt fine going out looking like that to run an errand or anything like that.

Here is a photo of what I awoke to the next day:


Clearly a huge 180 from where I was. I assumed it might be something in my skincare regimen and quit using anything remotely new.

On I waking up the next day:


It just seems to be getting worse! I got an emergency prescription via video chat with my doctor for Doxycycline today. It feels kind of itchy (not unusual for acne with me) and most days the red spots are flat or just slightly raised. My doctor says she wouldn’t be able evaluate whether it was acne or bites of some sort unless I visited in person. However the breakout seems to only be located on my face (focused on my cheeks) be a bit on my jawline. Any idea as to what’s going on?? I feel so horrible and I’ve been avoiding going out at all costs. How could it form so rapidly??





Photos are a bit out of order and I can’t seem to fix that, but you get the general point.

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Could definitely be an allergic reaction to not only something that you put on your skin but also something you ate or chemicals around you.  My skin gets like that too where it will go from minimal acne to huge flairs seemingly over night.  Definitely don't rush to try a whole bunch of new skin care stuff as that can make things worst.  Think back to the days leading up to the breakout and any changes you may have made.  

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@Avexa Has it occurred anywhere else on the body other than the face? I agree with the above poster that this is more of an allergic reaction than acne flareup. If it were acne, it would be more gradual. Best thing to do is quit applying anything on the face for like a week and see if the symptom goes away. Then reintroduce the product you've been using one at a time to determine which one is the baddie. Once found, it's a good idea to go down the list of ingredients to find the source of your problem.

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Yes definetily take it step by step. I would also most likely be a bit freaked out about this.
So just take it easy and stay calm with your daily routines with proper skincare routines, and leave out any harsh chemicals if possible.
The best of luck, please tell us later on how you are doing :)

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