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AcnEase experience discussion

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Hey everyone! I recently started taking AcnEase (look it up if you need to know what it is; it’s all botanical) because it claimed crazy good results. 

For a while it seemed to be really helpful and I seemed to be gradually clearing up with a few stray pustules sometimes.

But now, around a month in, Ive had a huge flare up, worse that I can remember since being on AcnEase. I’ve had moderate-chronic acne (moderate acne that last more than three years), and so I know it might take 2-3 months to get clear forever, but I’m wondeirng if anyone could share their experiences with this treatment??

I’m just not sure why I hold be breaking out so much all of a sudden, like maybe a change of diet or something. But I’ve been very careful about doing everything right and haven’t changed anything in my lifestyle.

Thanks for any help you can give!!!

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