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I have a message for everyone

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Hi guys,
I specially made this account today in order to share what I learnt on my long arduous journey and fight with acne. In this process I gained deep insights about the nature of acne, allergies, auto-immune disorders, mental processes involved, onset of  self-hate, self-sabotaging unconscious behavior and depersonalization over the long years of its control over my life.

As long as I can remember my loss of innocence and onset of this personality  crushing condition go hand in hand and through years of self-observation to the point of becoming so self-conscious that even doing normal daily tasks would mean the equivalent to lifting of a mountains. 

In short what I mean is your mental health is as important as physical health and your skin health and obviously its all part of a similar alchemy. If not addressed , that will keep your life going in loops for the onset of depression and lack of tools to deal with mental trauma and the feeling of non-participatory existence in society can act as both a gift as well as debilitating situation. 

At some point the thing that helped me the most is to just let go and enjoy. Creating a life that makes you feel good about yourself is a birth right and should be treated so. The superficial conditioning of the society is as it seems - superficial and no one has the slightest clue of what is going on. 

The world is not as it is made to look like through modern media and culture, especially mainstream media which worships beauty and skin and entraps you into the depths of self-induced psychosis triggered by comparison by the feeble hearts and minds. You are exploding from inside and thats how i choose to see it. Your drive or the magma is seeing through the layers of reality and responding to it, it is overwhelmed but your mind is weak and it is distracted and your entire quamtum force is being redirected into self-destructive tendencies  if you cannot recognize it in this moment of despair. 

The sexual energy is too much to accomodate your limited reality and it has to find an outlet through the medium of music, sound, exercise, hobbies, photography, painting or anything else that you may fancy or find yourself attracted to. Because looks are transitory but a well constructed , developed and active mind is what will take you very far in life and you will shine from inside and find everything that you think at this point too shy to ask for? 

You are real and your pain is real but only to the point you let it affect your life. This is much deeper than you thought it was and a superficial way of looking of thinking is literally being scrapped of. If you resist, you create even more injuries and scars in the process. Its a call to your authentic self, the one unshackled by physical deformations and underpinnings.

Also I can suggest you a medicine that worked for me and a lot of people I know. My sister is a doctor and I have seen this do wonder for people. 

You can research on this all you want. The way to do this is mix 1:1 tincture with water and dab it on your face with cotton. Once a day. Best if done at the end of the day as it can also act as a toner. My skin is generally oily so it works for me. Give it a month or  a few months. I don't know now how you will alter your regimen but this will work nonetheless.

[Calendula Officinalis Mother Tincture 4oz liquid by Boiron]

Let me know if anyone actually tries this with positive effects. I just wanted to share a few words. Good luck guys and take care.  Love and Peace!


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