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Sudden acne from holiday

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Hi All,

I’m in need of help as my current condition is really causing me to have a breakdown. I came back from a trip to India on 6 April. I was there for 3 weeks and for the first 2 weeks stayed in hotels. The last week I stayed with family and let’s say the conditions weren’t great. It got really hot the last 4 nights to the point I experienced actual sweat dripping off my face. 

Ive never suffered from spots (apart from the odd ones during the time of the month) and never had acne. I have combination skin and never really had a dedicated skincare routine as I had clear skin. 

Since returning from holiday withon within a week I developed a whole load of spots. At first I didn’t think of it and thought it might be because I’m hormonal and also due on my monthly. But now it’s got to a point where I cry looking at the mirror. 

I used to spend less than £10 on facial products and in the past 2 weeks have spent up to £90 by looking at various websites and YouTube videos. I haven’t been to the doctors yet as I want to see if the products I’ve purchased help towards clearing my skin up but I really need your advice. DR Google advises I have cystic acne :-(

ill try to post a before and after of my skin and also the products im using right now. 

What do I do? Any UK based pointers?





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Hey, I can see it has changed a lot for u after your holiday, India can be hot, I was myself in southern Nepal for 4 months with 34 d celsius, yeeez :/

But usually when travelling the skin might react badly, the reason is humidity, timezone changes, and all sorts of environmental changes for your skin. This can last a couple of weeks, but afterwards it will calm down.
You have bought tea tree oil which is excellent for spot treatment, La roche Posay is good for sensitive skin and a good brand as well.

I would advice you to just relax, and just use a couple of the serums you have (1-2 products at a time), and for spots use the tea tree.
And also be more alert on the diet, srink less soft drinks and sugar and eat more antioxidants, this will kill bacteria.

Hope any of this helped, just pm me whenever :)

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