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Glycerin Soap on Acne (Personal Experience)

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I thought I should share this because I have been suffering with severe acne for 3+ years since I was 15. It started off small because I irritated my skin with a makeup product. I began to worry because my face was starting to breakout like crazy and my skin was super dry! I went to the derm and they began to treat me with pills which made my acne worse before it got better so I stopped. Afterwards, I decided to just wash my face with glycerin Dial soap. Why? Because one day I got so mad at my face that I just decided to wash it with hand soap. And the weird thing was that it actually began to work. Now, when I went to my doctor, they saw my face was actually way better than it used to be and they were shocked cause they thought I was using accutane. They ACTUALLY tried recommending it to me and I was like "no thanks," and they just gave me a funny look. My face used to be so infested with acne, cysts and pimples used to cover my cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and chin, but now I only get 1-4 unnoticeable cysts when I get my period. This is just a personal experience and I wanna know if glycerin soap worked for you guys in the end or if you guys are currently using it. I'm 18 now and it is tough to deal with people trying to "help" you when they have never had acne themselves. You don't just tell someone to "fix" their skin without knowing that they actually are! Everyone's skin is different, and yes, I have tried Cetaphil and my skin only broke out even more. I have some scarring on my forehead and hyperpigmentation on my face, but its nothing that a little make up can't cover :). 

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