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How long did it take the sebum to return after accutane / isotretinoin?

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Hi guys, first of all, sorry for my English, I´m from spain.

I took isotretinoin for 6-7 months I do not remember well, I think 40 mg per day, during the treatment I had the typical symptoms of dryness, the problem is that 2 years later I still suffer from dryness. My skin is very dry and my eyes bother me a lot. The eyes is what worries me most I think it has affected my meibomian gland. I would like to know if someone has gone through a similar situation and can give me some advice to return to normality. I wish I had never taken accutane, I prefer acne and oily skin to this dryness. Sorry my English!! Thanks for reading and I await your stories.

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I was really concerned about eye dryness when I took Accutane but it was never an issue.  Thank God because my eyesight is terrible and I can't stand glasses so I need to be able to wear my contacts. I can speak to the sebum production, however.  My excessive sebum production has still not returned 2.5 years after stopping accutane.  I'm not dry, either.  I just have normal, comfortable skin.  I realize this doesn't help you much, but it might help someone looking for answers specifically on the sebum issue. I have heard stories like yours and there are definitely others.  Have you seen an optometrist?

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