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Okay so, I have pityrosporum folliculitis(fungal acne all over my face) is there a way to cure and get rid of this forever? I havent had this problem before and only got it after putting on topical antibiotics on my face for a few months. Do you think that folliculitis will go away if I leave my skin alone? What if I use nizoral twice a week, will it go away? Probiotics, do they cure pityrosporum folliculitis? Also, is dehydrated skin normal for fungal acne? I would rather be more thankful if my skin turns normal again permanently than having to treat it every week because i dont want to be carrying a nizoral bottle everywhere i go

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Ok, I'll make this short. I've batteled with PF for 3 years. I first used benzoyl peroxide thinking it was regular acne, but it made things worst. Then I learned about PF and try head and shoulders, but didn't worked either. Last I tried a shampoo that had pirocto olamine and salicylic acid in it, but the real trick was to scrub and massage hard and then let it sit for 10 minutes no less no more. It completely erased the problem. Now I do it once a week, just because my skin gets soft and I like it :) . This was the shampoo I used .http://www.naturvital.com/productos/cuidado_capilar/sensitive?producto=champu-anticaspa ..but I think any combination between an antifungal and salicylic acid will do the trick...remeber to let it sit for 10 minutes and no less.

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