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Clearning my closed comedones (FINALLY)

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I wanted to start a forum and share how I was able to start clearing my closed comedones - FINALLY. These things are STUBBORN and don't seem to want to go away no matter what you do. I will give a little back story - I am currently in my late 20's - I started getting these CC's after stopping birth control. My skin literally went nuts. I had so much texture on my skin and spent $$$ buying every product under the sun and trying out every med-spa treatment I could find. I know some of you can relate. So let me go ahead and keep this short and sweet - this is how I (mostly) cleared my CC's - my skin is definitely a work in progress still. 

First of all, you NEED to find a good esthetician - and go get regular deep pore cleansing facials every 6 weeks. I am not talking about going to a spa and having someone slather some masks and lotions on your face. Find someone in your area who specializes in acne facials and have them start extracting all the junk out of your pores. Your skin will be red, blotchy, and sore for about 10 days after. It sucks. But as we all know, clearing your skin takes time. This step is imperative - your CCs will clear much quicker this way. 

Next - Find a good cleanser for you skin - I am linking the one I use below. They have different ones on their site based on your skin type. (Morning and Night) 

[Mark Lees Gentle Gel Facial Wash]

Next - I started using a glycolic acid toner. I will link the one I use below. If this irritates your skin use it every other night to start. (Nighttime only) 

[The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution]

Finally - I add mandelic acid over that (Nighttime only) 

[The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA]

I am currently not using a moisturizer but when I feel I need it I use one also by the Mark Lees brand. I hope this helps some of you - if you have any questions about my routine feel free to ask. 

Acids are super important for clearning closed comedones - If the routine I am using is too strong then ease in to daily use. This may not work for everyone - this is just what worked for me. 

Also please evaluate the makeup you are using!! This is SO important as well. Laying on foundation, powers, and concealers that are irritating your skin and clogging your pores are not going to get rid of CCs. I will link the concealer I use below too. I hope this helps!! 

[PRIIA Acne-Safe Concealer]


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