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I just took my son to the derm for his acne. He had previously had sodium sulfacedamide/sulfer facial wash and epiduo gel. He was supposed to wash with the sodium sulfacedamide/sulfer twice a day and put the epiduo on in the evenings. Ultimately he didn't get the results and he had stains on his pillow so he must have used one of those improperly. 

Now he has benzoyl peroxide wash, isotretinoin gel, and sodium sulfacetamide lotion. 

I want to make sure he uses it all properly because she said one of them stains clothing and I don't remember which one. 

His instructions for all 3 are to use in the am.  First it says to wash with the benxoil peroxide in the shower. That one is easy. It's the other two that I want to make sure he uses properly. 

Will he put the isotretinoin gel on after shower and not washing it off? Then would the sodium sulfacedamide be placed after that again without washing off? Which one of the products is the one that stains? Benzoyl Peroxide or one of the other two?

Thanks in advance for any help. I was certain that I remembered all instructions when I left and I don't remember at all. I can call the office but I am kind of embarrassed and thought I would try here first. :)

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