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Liver Flushing FINALLY for lifelong acne

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SO like many on here I’ve had about 16 years of stubborn acne, and I’ve tried about 50 things to shift it...topicals, diets, 100 different supplements...combinations on all of the above...with no success.
Ive been reading up about liver flushing for some time but never gone through with it due to thinking it would require to much...however, the more I read the more convinced I became that a clogged liver is the cause behind my stubborn acne, which has ranged from mild to severe over the years. Currently mild-mod.
we have a family history of other diseases that are also linked to liver problems, and my mum had her gallbladder out due to stones...I also have allergies, eczema, and a history of fatigue/susceptibility to illness, dizziness, mental fog, memory problems....the list goes on.
SO today I completed my second liver flush and I’m excited to see how this pans out. I didn’t expel any stones during my first flush, so did this one just a week later, during which I expelled about 20 stones maybe more, some that were huge!!! After my first flush my acne got quite a bit worse, however that could be due to a slight diet change and/or the fact that I didn’t do the parasite/kidney/colon cleanse before, whereas for this one I did all of these for 10 days before flushing.
Anyway, I have a strong spiritual sense that I’ve finally found my “cure” to not just acne but also my other health problems. I’ll update on how it goes...I know this is a controversial topic but it’s worked for many so I’m confident it’ll work for me :)
I’m also taking a bunch of supplements that are linked to liver cleansing (burdock root, DIM, etc) day continue to colon, kidney and parasite cleanse.
FYI I haven’t had any pain, discomfort, or problems sleeping during these flushes. I don’t even really get hungry (which was my main concern!!)
Im keen to hear from others who may have had successes with this 

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