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Two hairs stuck together

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I have keratosis pilaris on my arms also starting to notice them on my legs. I think it's severe on my arms since they are like spots and when I squeeze them a white thing comes out. That aside, my face is messed up. Most or the pores have a white thing in them when I squeeze and my beard has difficulty growing/coming out. 

Problem is there's 2 hairs stuck together ,it's hard to tell you gotta focus a lot. Say there's 1 hair, another tiny hair is stuck to it. It can be simply removed with my nails just pinch them like tweezers and very very lightly take it out. The bigger hair will stay but the other one is like it's dead or something

can't find anything on the internet therefore I signed up here. Also I have dots just like kp on my face though many doctors call it acne. I've put benzoyl peroxide and other acne treatment but they don't do anything. Not good or bad, absolutely nothing.

the 2 hair thingies is also on my arms. It's like |¡. | being the normal hair and ¡ being the hair stuck to it that can be pulled out very easily. 

I tried lint rolled in my face and it would be full of tiny hairs that I'm talking about but it doesn't take it all off also it obviously irritates me skin but I've used it lol :/

Will do my best to include pictures 

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