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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are having a good day! To all who can help me, Please I need your guidence. Ived had closed comedones since I was 17 to 18. Ive always had like pubertal acne but it was extremely mild, nothing to crazy that I couldnt handled with any typical cleanser when your a teen. I dont know what exactly triggered my comdeonal acne or how I even got it in the first place but its been a huge burden on my life and self esteem. Sometimes I would get this boost of confidence and feel like my acne doesnt bother me. But with flare ups and constant reminder of it when I look in the mirror has token a toll on me. Im 21 now ansd quite frankly my acne is at a all time high, horrible. Not only do I have comedonal acne but I have cystic acne on occascion. I think this is maybe because the csytic acne is from flared up comedone inflammation. At 17 to 18 my comedonal acne was mild , nothing too serious. Back then I was wear excessive makeup, and overall wasnt taking care of my skin and I think thats what made it worse. After so many years of not caring and then finally around 19 I started to take things seriously. Trials after trials of trying things ive read online, and close to my budget, none were effective. Finally Ive been trying something new ans at first I thought it was working because my skin was clear for 2 to 3 weeks. It was the most amazing feeling ever. My comedones were still there but they were smaller, scarring was less, and my skin had a glow. I cried because I was so happy and overwhelmed with confidence. But right after the summer came, my skin flared up again, comedones look larger then ever ! Cystic acne back to back and scarring, Ice pick scarring to be exact. I honestly dont know what my skin type is, I feel its combination skin. Some areas were dry like around my nose, mouth, and a little bit on my forehead. But my cheeks, nose, & my chin are oily, sometimes my jawline too. My comedonal acne is concentrated on my cheeks, recently its been on my lower chin & maybe one or 2 on my jawline, forehead and sideburns. Ironically on side of my face / cheek [left side] is ten times clear with few comedones then my right side. I'll list the regime that I was using when my acne was clear but also flarred up afterwards. If you guys need additional information to help me further I will glady obliged. 

Morning - 
Wash hands & Use cold water
Shea moisture african soap 
Neutrogena Alcohol free toner with pads 
Garnier skin active moisture rescue gel moisturizer 

Mid Day (when I come home) 
Same soap [sometimes , most of time I just use water]
Jegerens Lotion 

I either just Neutrogena Oil Free Cleanser [2 to 3 times a week depending on how bad my skin needs it] or Burts Bees Peach Scrub 
Same toner
Sometimes I use the Jergens Lotion lightly 
Then finish off with my Palmers Dark Spot Serum 


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Hey, I would say that it's enough to clean the face in the morning and evening, in this way the skin have time to heal and produce natural oil.
Also it seems like you are struggling a bit with the breakouts on different spots. This is most likely caused by the diet - try to cut out dairy, sugar, any sweet food or drinks of any kind.

It might also be fine to ease down on the products you are using. It's very good you are using products to heal the skin, but if you are overusing products the skin might respond negatively...

Hope any of this helped!

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