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I'm a 19 year old girl and have just completed my first year in college. My struggle with acne started when I was in 7th grade but it started to get severe as years passed by. It spread to my back and it is still full of acne marks. It is so bad that you can hardly see any skin.in school I would mostly be this girl with low self confidence and I pretty much turned into an introvert. I would talk less and would always worry that the other person would notice my acne more than my words. So many times I was called names like spotted dear. It's hard to focus on the good things in life when people keep reminding you about your weaknesses. When in school I thought that by the time I would reach college my skin would be clear. I went to so many doctors but every time it turned out to be a waste of my parents' money and time. So many times I felt like killing myself and just end this once and for all but I won't ofc. I'm just tired of people asking me if it's chicken pox on my face. I'm tired of wearing full sleeves even in the hot summer. All I want is a normal life like my friends. You know like start dating but I can't.Acne has cost me a lot of precious years and what not. I'm just tired and this is the first time I have opened up about it. Please tell me how I can  I can help myself.

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I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  It honestly sucks BUT you will get through this.  Keep reminding yourself that acne is not you.  It's a condition that you're dealing with but it is not a reflection of who you are as a person.

Keep your head up.  It may help to talk to a friend or a college counselor about how you are feeling.  There is also the boards where most of us are dealing with this.

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Man, im feel u... u are not alone cause me too have the same condition with u... im turned my self to introvert, many times i wasted my time in my home :( im just want to normal life like all my friends.. i dont know what i can do for healthy my mental.. i hope anyone can help us.. hmm well i can ask ur email or facebook or line? To sharing how we feel together... maybe its little thing to help:)

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