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HELP - Has anyone experienced a random breakout/acne all over face after a surgery?

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HELP - just got a surgery on my nose, going under anesthesia, and my skin was completely clear when I went in for the surgery and until 4 days post-op I woke up and had a TERRIBLE breakout of little pimples, but some swollen ones all over my face (forehead, chin, cheeks, nose). The pimples are sore too. My skin also became so oily on my forehead. Has anyone ever experienced this? How did you treat it? Based on the pictures, what is my best form of treatment? I was going to try salicylic acid (BHA 2% from Paula's Choice). Any advice is much appreciated!






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If this is the first big outbreak of pimples in a while, and you know it is caused by anasthesia, then I would recommend to just relax and have a proper diet the following days. The cause of the pimples is most likely the bacteria dictated by the anasthesia.

And for the pimples right now I would recomend to wither use benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid during the evenings.

Hope any of this helped :)

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Since this is all very new for you, i would recommend seeing a derm to get a proper evaluation.  Skin care as an adult is much different than skin care as a teenager. I'm sorry that you are going through this.  I agree with the above poster that since happened post surgery, something may have triggered it.  Eat well, stress less and check back in with us to let us know how it is going.  

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