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Regimen Stopped Working For Me, Need Ideas On How To Repair Skin + Treat It.

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I started the acne.org regimen around January last year and discontinued after 2.5-3 months. My skin was red, irritated and inflamed, and I spent the next few weeks stopping and starting on a lower dosage, applying the regimen only once a day - all to no avail. It's a safe bet to say I'm allergic, which is unfortunate.

After that my Acne came back, not as bad as before, but it did come back. I then went strictly non-processed vegan and my skin began to clear again, however not as great as with the Regime but it was a development.

Then sometime around June I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disorder that saw me taking anti-rejection medication, same as a transplant patient would take, and my acne came back in full force. I stopped the medication and sought out a naturopath who treated the Autoimmune Disorder by targeting my Adrenal Gland (with the goal of lowering it). My skin hasn't been as bad as it was on those two medications since I was a teenager first breaking out with acne.

I've never had really awful scars that left indentations (rolling, boxcar) and yet now every blackhead or whitehead I seem to have leaves me with them, even without me intervening by touching them.

I've read that skin changes when you hit 26, which I turned late last year. I'm more worried that the targeting of my adrenal gland has left me with thinner skin (which I read is a side effect of an under active gland). I was also using ClindaTech topically to treat my skin around this time, recommended to me by my dermatologist said I could apply it generously.

I was using:
1. https://au.iherb.com/pr/Dr-Woods-Facial-Cleanser-Black-Soap-8-fl-oz-236-ml/37903
2. https://au.iherb.com/pr/Dr-Woods-Facial-Cleanser-Tea-Tree-8-fl-oz-236-ml/37904 
but my skin wasn't improving, despite blackheads just falling out at times - they still left a mark.

What I'm using now:
Serum: https://au.iherb.com/pr/InstaNatural-Vitamin-C-Serum-with-Hyaluronic-Acid-Ferulic-Acid-Anti-Aging-1-fl-oz-30-ml/71847
Day Moisturizer: https://au.iherb.com/pr/Mad-Hippie-Skin-Care-Products-Vitamin-C-Serum-8-Actives-1-02-fl-oz-30-ml/41598
Primer: https://au.iherb.com/pr/NXN-Nurture-by-Nature-Flash-Matte-Perfecting-Primer-Oily-Combination-Skin-1-fl-oz-30-ml/75741
Night Moisturiser: https://au.iherb.com/pr/Madre-Labs-Camellia-Care-Green-Tea-Skin-Cream-1-7-fl-oz-50-ml/39108

I just want to repair my skin of rosacea, scarring and indented scars. Ideally I want to treat the acne first but I'm worried my skin can't handle it. Everything just seems to leave a mark and my skin is already dry, when it use to be very oily, and it just doesn't respond the way I knew it too. I come out of a shower that is lukewarm with my skin looking like a tomato.

I read that Rosehip Oil, MSM cream and Mederma would help with rosacea, indented scars and general scarring (in the order of products listed). That's where I'm headed next.

I'm out of ideas, if you have any please help. :<

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