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Know your Blood Type to Kill Acne Fast

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Sharing something that probably less people know and heard about. We always aim for better Diet to fight Acne but do we know that, does our blood type support this diet? 

Yes, we do not know. We always read and follow, most of the time without acquiring deep knowledge and We just run towards results and that's why we never achieve the results we Aim for, because we Aim aimlessly! makes sense? 

So, here's a thing about a thing! 

Acne is a disease caused by internal & external factors. Rubbing cream over your face can't remove the acne over your back. Acne needs to be tackled internally first following by external processes. 

Diet is the first thing you need to change when you are Serious and want to get rid of ACNE at all and feel confident. In my previous post I discussed about how donating your blood cures Acne by regenerating new blood cells and following healthy diet but to follow a healthy diet; We need to find out our BLOOD TYPE First. 

For each blood type there's a special diet because the meat the vegetables we eat and the dairy and fruits we consume play a significant role in diet maintenance. And how our diet interacts with our blood type we do not know this!? RIGHT? YES!

Go out and get your blood type tested and then you have to find a diet that is suitable for you according to your blood type and has all the positive affects on our SKIN. Only then you can KILL ACNE smoothly.

Will end this by saying that if you get a chance or an opportunity to donate blood, so never miss it; Try donating blood once and see how beautiful your body and skin will become.

Just want  to help honestly! Let me know how it goes. Thanks! 


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