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What is this on my chest? Is it acne ?Someone help

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I've always had a clear back and chest. But last few months my chest and sometimes back will go red and blotchy. Not a spot as it don't have a head or anything but red raised bumps. My chest was like this before and I sat in the hot sun for a few hours and it disappeared and was fine and clear. Then obviously the sun went again and it was raining for a few weeks because England weather is crap. So it came back. Had  little sun today so sat out in it and only for about 20 mins not 3 hours and it wasn't as hot as last times sun. But yeah this is my chest. I don't think it's heat rash as the sun seems to help it. But what is this ? Had this on and of for months now sometimes not as bad as this. I jus wanna no what it is and what could be causing it ? Plz help. A lot more red and blotchy in person. And get it on shoulders. 


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 personally from the images I can't really see a major problem but going by your description could be anything .. inflamed hair follicles?  folliculitis?  heat rash ?  mild fungal or yeast problem ?   diet? you would probably best doing some Google searches to find something similar  and a correct treatment. 

 but ive read of lots of people see good results using head and shoulders as a wash on their chest/back and using sudocrem, which is a cream.

(  Head and shoulders is a mild anti-fungal wash  & sudocrem is anti-septic)


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