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BP with bad scaring or trying accutane?

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Hey everyone,

I have had mild but persistent acne for about 10 years (I am 24).The main place I am getting my cystic acne is my right jawline.I had been using different cleansers and anti-acne treatments (non BP) without avail.That's when I went to a dermatologist and she put me on Duac for 3 months. BP improved my hormonal acne quite a lot. Not 100% clear (I do get 1-2 cysts every months that take ages to heal and leave scars). To be honest, I would have been happy with my situation if I had no scars but the scars are hat make me feel very insecure.

I talked about scar treatment with my dermo but she told me that she won't do it until I'm 100% acne free for at least 3 months. She told me that one of the only treatments that could actuallyhelp would be to go on Isotretinoin 6 months with kinda low dose. I am kinda anxious about it cause side effects...

What do you guys think, should I stay with scars and using less damaging BP my entire life (sucks though...) or try going on accutane? If I stop BP my hormonal acne will come back for sure, I don't want it to be how it was before. I am so through it.

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