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Joshua Fenimore

A tip to help stress.

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I am a traveling speaker, teacher and author. I have gone through a lot of stress cause of skin. This is one tip I have learned. You can learn more fromm my progress account: www.instagram.com/healacnefromwithin

Stress... Stress... Stress...

If you can learn how to lessen your stress you can put your body in a healing state rather then a destructive. There are many ways to combat stress. I’ll be uncovering them with posts ahead, but one of the top ways I suggest to do is spend time doing the things that make you feel alive inside. Go outside, draw, create, go to the gym, be with your friends, sing, dance, make something good, start a business etc. I cannot tell you how to specifically de-stress cause everyone is different, but I can tell you that you can feel much better if you go where you enjoy being. For example for me, I love exercise, designing, photography, friends, telling jokes, speaking, teaching, leading motivational groups, helping people, health and nutrition etc.

Identifying and discovering what makes your heart feel alive inside is what can bring ease in your life. Rather being stressed and dissing ease. (This is a picture of me hiking in Washington during m YWAM season)


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