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FINALLY CLEAR - gluten free & dairy free diet

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I'm a 31 year old female and after having acne on and off since I was 13 I wanted to share how I have FINALLY cleared my skin. 

Since I was a teenager I found my acne was definitely prone to flaring up and down - I would go through phases where it became severe and I would turn to makeup to try and cover it up. Doctors were never any help have been on antibiotics, antibiotic creams, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oils, birth control etc. (still on birth control for contraceptive) Everyone always said diet had nothing to do with it tho. Sometimes it was SO frustrating and it really knocked my confidence and I would be so jealous of people with flawless skin. 

From age 24 - 29 my skin was relatively ok..I would break out with 3 cystic spots a month and would get some extra breakouts. Age 29 I started breaking out quite badly on my jawline and was getting closed comedones all over. It happened a few months after a breakup with a long-term boyfriend so perhaps it was stress. 

I decided that I had enough. I started doing internet research and read about the dairy acne link. I was eating ok - scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast (with milk and butter) goats cheese salad for lunch and dinner might be tuna pasta or salmon and potatoes. I cut out dairy completely for 3 months...I found my skin cleared around 50%. Then decided that I would try cutting out gluten. Bread, pasta, wheat everything. Within 24 hours i was getting ZERO new pimples. Istill had the closed comedones but no new cystic acne. 

Over the next few months my skin just looked so much better closed comedones started disappearig overall tone so much better. Everytime I would cheat and eat cheese or bread I would end up with a new BIG cystic spot a few days later. I think it's basically a paleo diet but I also eat rice , sweet potatoes and white potatoes with no issues. Still drink some wine at weekends. I have stronger nails, better hair and lost weight 

Eggs (organic)
All meats - but a lot of fish and shellfish - I only have red meat once a week 
Loads of veg - especially broccoli, kale, spinach and carrots 
Carb sources - sweet potatoes , white potatoes and rice (white rice) 
LOADS of herbal teas - when I stopped drinking milk i started drinking green tea, peppermint tea, turmeric tea 
Coconut yogurt and cook everything with coconut oil 

Night - I use an AHA every night - Nip & Fab night pads extreme or nip & fab liquid glow (6% glycolic acid) - that's it no moisturiser at night 
Morning - la roche posay toleraine fluide or if I need an spf moisturiser I'll use clarins multi active lotion (spf 20) Sometimes I'll put a light layer of benzoyl peroxide over my problem areas 
I also use NEUTROGENA light therapy acne mask every night which I think keeps my skin nice 

I'll always be obsessed with my skin but I'm now at a place where I never wear foundation and I am totally confident with that. I get maybe 1 - 2 small pimples a month if that. It's not been easy but clear skin is 100% worth it. 


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