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Epiduo, Prom and Makeup

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Hey everyone! So, my dermatologist prescribed me epiduo about a week ago. I've only applied it twice so far and have gone through the motions as directed- using a pea-sized amount on problem areas every other day, then applying moisturizer (I use Cerave's moisturizing cream). I apply it around my chin and forehead areas. I've definitely already started to experience the dryness that I've heard about, but my skin's more itchy and tight than anything, not peeling yet. However, I do usually wear makeup (a light layer of foundation and some concealer on my skin) and today I could feel it cracking apart a little bit.

Really what I'm nervous about right now is the fact that my senior prom is coming up in about three weeks. I keep hearing about the effects of the "purging period" and I just really, really don't want to look like a lizard during my prom. I do also want to wear makeup that night- I can live without it in my daily life, but I want to have flawless-looking skin for prom at least, you know? Maybe it's a little superficial, but I'm worried that starting epiduo now will prevent me from being able to feel confident and pretty on a night that I've been looking forward to for months.

Essentially what I'm wondering is if I should stick through with epiduo for now or wait until after prom has passed to start it again. My dermatologist told me to apply it every other night for two weeks, then to start using it every night. Should I follow that advice and just deal with the side effects as they come, or should I hold off and maybe try every three days or something?

Also, if I do continue with epiduo this month, does anyone have any foundation tips they could share with me? I already use a setting spray that truly works wonders for me, but I've been considering investing in a high-end primer too. Honestly, anything that will help my makeup look flawless all night is welcome.

Thank you!

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