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Effective Cystic Acne Treatment

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Hello all,

I've never posted on this site but it has helped me a lot over this past year so I thought maybe I'd share my experience with Dan's regimen.

So basically, I'm a 21 year old attending uni and, starting around april of last year, I got a really bad breakout and did not know how to handle it. Looking back, the breakout was probably due to my having ceased using the La Roche Posay effaclair duo spot treatment thing which contains benzoyl peroxide. 

But anyway, I started breaking out and I was desperate so I tried many products, including sulfur soap(Which, because of the smell, I would not recommend). When I break out, it's normally with cystic acne and, as it is so visible, it made me feel very self conscious. After browsing around this site for a few months, I started wondering why I hadnt tried the acne.org regimen and I started to research others' experiences with the products. Because of all of the great reviews and success stories, I gave it a try.

The beginning was pretty tough; there is a lot of dryness and skin irritation but it is not too bad after about two weeks. To combat this, I'd recommend following these steps:
1. Purchase cerave daily moisturizing lotion and a supply of jojoba oil
2. after you've let your benzoyl peroxide dry completely, mix the lotion and jojoba oil in the palm of your hand
3. apply all over your face and allow it to soak for about 10 minutes
4. because the jojoba is very oily, itll leave your face very shiny, so I like to dab the excess oil with tissue before i leave in the morning.

As you will read in many reviews, I honestly did not notice any results for around 3 whole months. I began around mid-October and hoped to be completely clear by january as Id be seeing my girlfriend again for the first time in months. Unfortunately, at the beginning of January, my face was probably at it's worst. 

By mid January though, it seemed that a switch had just been flipped. My acne pretty much ceased to form after this point. I get the occasional pimple but they are nowhere near the severity of the previous months and they mostly form only after I've been negligent in applying the bp.

It is now almost May and Ive been fairly clear for about 3 months. Now I'm going about working on my dark spots, which actually fade with time.

Hopefully this gives hope to anyone out there suffering from cystic acne. I havent found any other treatment that actually works other than the regimen and it is fairly cheap when considering the benefits. Good luck to anyone who may be reading. 

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