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Help me understand subcision

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Ok so the idea behind a nokor subcision is that it will rip the fibrous strands that are holding down a specific part of your skin, releasing it will plump up the scar, eventually it will retether? yes? but when it retethers the "pulling down of the scar" will be weaker with each subcision, correct?

Why doesn't someone invent a procedure that rips through the fibrous band and at the same time disintegrates that fibrous band that will be floppy now, idk somehow burns it, without burning the epidermis. Pretty much like a nokor needle that at the same time dissolves the fibrous band? 

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Those "bands" are collagen fibers, and they will always regrow because skin needs something to attach to. You're not really "cutting" them permanently as much as disrupting them to allow them to grow in a more organized manner (more "normal" skin).

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Really, the purpose of subcision is to cut the tethers that pull the skin down. The second part of it is inducing a hematoma or pool of blood underneath the scar that eventually reorganizes as scar tissue.  This scar tissue is what plumps up the scar, hopefully.  Most scar revision procedures are really designed to create controlled scarring that looks more aesthetically pleasing.  For ice picks, TCA cross scars up the tiny hole until it closes up on itself (which is why it is used on tiny ice picks so the scars are not perceptible).  
With subcision, you're basically creating a bed of scarring underneath the skin to fill out the scar.  Instead of relying on the body though, you could also fill that space with filler.

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