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I am a 15 year old girl, and i have struggled with acne since i was about 10-11 years old. My dad had bad acne growing up, and my sister also got acne, so i am assuming that my acne is mostly genetics. My acne has always been only on my forehead and nose, and never on my cheeks, but the acne on my forehead was really bad. I used to only wash my face at night occasionally, and never in wash it in mornings. When the school year started this year, I decided it was time to change my skincare routine. I wash my face every night and ever morning and moisturize after i wash, and i started eating a lot healthier. My acne changed a lot, but not in he way i wanted/expected. I now have so much acne on my cheeks, and only some on my forehead. I’m so confused as to how my acne completely changed. I don’t know if it had to do with me hanging my skincare routine, or the fact that i am way more stressed this year, or if it was just a coincidence. This might not mean anything, but i am just curious to know if the fact that my acne moved from my forehead to my cheeks means anything.

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Hey, I see your situation, it may be difficult to understand what is going on with the pimples. Like you said they are moving from forehead to the cheeks, this can be because of PCOS - and this is very normal in young ages with hormone changes and everything.

You say you are stressed out, yes this can be a factor in the acne formations, but also if you eat too much oily food, or if you eat dairy (lots of hormones) or refined sugar etc.
Skincare routines are also important.

Just message me if you want some more help on this ;;

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