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Anybody have experience with tca cross

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I am planning to try TCA cross, however any one that has done it can tell me what are the do and don't during post care?
And is it better for scan to form or keeping it moist?
And if moist with what?

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Scabs are a norm with tca cross,if you dont form any dont worry but they are part of tca cross and healing.you should keep the treated areas moist but bot absolutely to a point you are soaked with it,just a dab on the treated areas and let it soak in as you dont want to over rub and remove the scab prematurely.

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@Quadboy I just did my tca a day back
As I have oily skin, do I still need to moisturize the spots? or should I wash it or leave it. 
Anyone have an idea, I tried searching for answers here but to no avail
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This is all under acid peels, in the faq, and click the link to a long topic. You keep it moisturized, Vaseline, or a after laser treatment like La Roche, etc..... No scrubs or exfoliating. No shower on the scabs you can splash on them with water (hands). The spots will be red. You can use dermablend / concealer on them to cover them up as they take a long time to fade. @Quadboy can help.

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