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Hello everyone, recently i've been eating organic, already peeled garlic gloves in the morning, afternoon and before bed. Other than that... Water water water, no soda. A quick way to get your vitamins is to combine coconut water (pure) with mixed greens ... you can buy these in square boxes at most supermarkets. And bananas, because they are cheap and filled with potassium and will bring out flavor in your shakes. There is one that contains A C K vitamins, which will give you energy, make you feel amazing, look amazing and ready to be you. Garlic is very potent, and the reason I brought this up along with other vitamins because in 2007 I suffered a neck boil and never had it cleared. It eventually spread and I had bacne, horrible neck scars and cysts, and all types of weird cysts, infections, and tunneling. What caused it was staph bacteria, so if I can clear up from exercise and diet you can to. Because mine was bad, and I fixed it nearly in 3 months with the power of food. Most of you probably have small patches of acne, so one week of doing this you'll feel incredible, ...depending on your age and weight results might take longer. I'm 5'5, 130 lbs up from 115 and being sick. I love you all, and if anybody would like to message me with any questions you may feel free to message me on here.

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Nobody? You'll be surprised how potent garlic is torwards alot of bacteria that causes acne. think about how many germs are in this world and how little we probably wash our hands out of the day before grabbing food and eating it, basically eating contaminated food all the time with no backup. you're going to turn toxic.

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-garlic 3x/day..how much garlic at each serving approx?
-smoothie with banana coconut water and mixed greens
-no junk food/soda (i already do this)

i'll try it.. dont you get garlic breath though?


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