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I’m a 19 year old male and I need desperate help in regards to how my face looks... I’ve been trying to get it on track for the past year and have been unable to do so. Very frustrating and my self esteem has really taken a hit. The thing is, I look good from a distance. However, up close I feel/know I look horrible. Here’s my issue:

It all happened about a year ago when I got a little bit of acne and starter vigorously using acne products on my face. My face stared to get worse and severely oily(as it still is). When I didn’t care about my face/didn’t wash it, I had glowing skin. I’ve been switching up skin care products a ton and frankly I’m just lost. I still have a severely oily t zone(it wasn’t before), red marks, scars, many clogged pores, sun damage, blackheads on nose, whitehead’s around mouth. I’m a mess. My skin’s moisture barrier seems non existent, as it has been for awhile now. Right after I wash my face it’s still oily. And frequent computer screen usage seems like it’s a factor too. I wear sunscreen but don’t know if I need more vitamin D on my skin? Taking fish oil supplements cause I’m so desperate. 

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over washing your face can cause redness and an over production of sebum resulting in more spots. so, sometimes it can be a downward spiral.

you can always try the caveman regimen for 1 week to check if your causing your own problem. simply don't wash or touch your skin or.. face washing with water only, once or twice daily. (both methods are highly recommended by some forum members)

your be surprised how quickly your skin will revert to "normal" when not being irritated with creams/soaps.

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I wash my face in the morning with water and then a cleanser at night but only if my skin can stick it.

if it looks irritated then just wash it once a day with water etc. 

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